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3Y0I - DXpedition to Bouvet Island - 3Y0I POSTPONED - Track 3Y0I to Bouvet

3Y0I DXpedition Websites:

3Y0I "Official Website"

3Y0I DXpedition Organizer (Rebel DX)

3Y0I / Rebel DX / "Facebook Page"

3Y0I "QRZ Page"

3Y0I / Rebel DX / "Twitter Page"

3Y0I " Page"

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Cluster Spots for 3Y0I:

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3Y0I QSL Info / 3Y0I Log:

No information is currently available as to a 3Y0I online log or the preferred QSL request route for the 3Y0I DXpedition. No, we do NOT yet know if they will be using Clublog.

As we get closer to a "go" date we will update the 3Y0I log, 3Y0I QSL and other 3Y0I information here...

3Y0I DXpedition Ship

You can track the progress of the 3Y0I DXpedition vessel while underway via several links here: 3Y0I tracking site here...

While underway to Bouvet they will be active as maritime mobile with the call sign: E51DOM/MM

3Y0I DXpedition Team and Pilot(s)

The 3Y0I Bouvet operation has put together quite a team and have a dedicated page for the on-air operators and off island staff.

Pilot info is on the Rebel DX site...

Active DX Forum Threads for 3Y0I DXpedition:

Active 3Y0I thread - QRZ's "DX Zone"

Active 3Y0I thread - E-Ham's "DXing"

Additional QRZ "DX Zone" threads here

Addtional E-Ham "DXing" threads here

2019 3Y0I Dates of Operation:

3Y0I dates of operation will be announced once the team is underway from South Africa to Bouvet.

3Y0I DXpedition NOTES:

NEWS UPDATE APRIL 2, 2019 - From the official 3Y0I website, a statement by the ship's Captain:

NEWS UPDATE April 2, 2019 - M/V Atlantic Tuna has made safe return to Cape Town with all hands safe. The 3Y0I team will have a further update shortly.

URGENT UPDATE MARCH 27, 2019 : The vessel Atlantic Tuna has been damaged by a severe storm and has been forced to turn back to South Africa. POSTPONED not cancelled.

Events began to unfold late yesterday and some of the suspense played out on 40 meters last night. I will have a further update soon.

OFFICIAL 3Y0I Announcement here:

3Y0I DXpedition vessel "Atlantic
                              Tuna" - de WB9LUR
photo courtesy of 3Y0I / Rebel DX Group

NEWS UPDATE MARCH 21, 2019 : First news since getting underway ... Dom (3Z9DX) had a brief sat-phone conversion with Stan (SP8S) yesterday. Their vessel is making about 6 to 7 knots and is now in the "Roaring Forties" and is being battered with seas from 8 to 10 meters high ... you can read the complete news release here:

It has begun. At about 0600 UTC March 19, 2019 the 3Y0I DXpedition team departed South Africa for Bouvet aboard the Atlantic Tuna. Track 3Y0I progress here:

As N0UN posted, "A fair wind and following sea my Rebel Brothers"

3Y0I NEWS UPDATE MARCH 7, 2019 : DXpedition team members are being asked to return to South Africa / Capetown to finalize vessel preparations! Here's a link to their FB page where the full announcement is posted...
3Y0I NEWS UPDATE FEB 20, 2019 : The Rebel DX'ers are now reporting that sea trials for the expedition vessel "Atlantic Tuna" will be taking place very soon. The ship has been re-outfitted and must pass this inspection before they can get underway to Bouvet. Once this task is completed they will then announce a targeted departure date. Here's a link to the Rebel DX team announcement...
3Y0I NEWS UPDATE Jan 2, 2019: The 3Y0I DXpedition team has identified the "Atlantic Tuna" as the vessel that will make the trip to Bouvet Island. Details here...

The DX Rebel / 3Y0I team is reported to still be in South Africa and are pre-assembling some of the antenna's in the ship's cargo hold. Speculation and rumors about the departure date, landing plans, QRV date, etc., are widespread. ONLY trust "official" sources of information - available at the 3Y0I DXpedition websites linked on the left hand upper side of this page!

The Rebel DX Group (the DXpedition's organizer) is understandably excited but are keeping their cards close. As with all major DXpeditions, funding is a never ending challenge and donations from individual hams will play an important role. Many of us are supporting this team's effort and you can help too!

3Y0I NEWS UPDATE - Dec 20 2018 : The DX Rebel / 3Y0I team has just made an announcement regarding the completion of training, logistics and the upcoming attempt to activate Bouvet. Read the complete news release here...
3Y0I NEWS UPDATE - Nov 26 2018 : This is an upcoming DXpedition with an unknown start date, month or even year. It could be 2018 - but maybe it's 2019. Who knows? One sure bet is that this operation to a summer time Bouvet Island, which remains windy, frozen and very inhospitable, should be quite interesting.
As we post this the 3Y0I Bouvet DXpedition team seems to be getting much closer to an actual departure date. The team members have gathered together in South Africa and are going through cold water rescue training, Zodiac launch drills, shelter construction, etc.

There are many wild rumors floating around in the ether about this DXpedition so please verify what you see or hear by checking with the "Official" 3Y0I sources linked above.

STAY TUNED! More updates coming very soon...

Read about previous DXpeditions to Bouvet Island here.

If you have comments, questions, QSO reports or info to share regarding this DX station please email me at:

73 de Randy / WB9LUR

3Y0I DXpedition to Bouvetøya Island updates...

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Announced DXpeditions to be covered in 2018 include

6O6O - Somalia - Jan 3-16, 2018 - QRT
3Y0Z - Bouvet - Jan / Feb, 2018
D68I - Comoros Island - Jan 29-Feb 10, 2018
3D2EU - Rotuma - Feb 23 to March 16, 2018
4B4B - Revillagigedo - March, 2018
XR0YD - Easter Island - March, 2018
XX9B - Macao - March 9-17, 2018
9M0W - Spratly Island - March 2018
3B7A - Agalega & St. Brandon - April, 2018
KH1/KH7Z - Baker Island - June/July, 2018
CY9C - St. Paul Island - August 1-9, 2018
TX5T - Austral Islands - August 15-21, 2018
TO6OK - Mayotte Islands - Sept 20-Oct 6, 2018
VK9XG - Christmas Island - Oct 16-30, 2018
ZL7X - Chatham Island - Oct 16-22, 2018
3Y0I - Bouvet - Oct/Nov, 2018

Others may be added as they are announced!


* photo at top of page courtesy of N7OU (sadly, now silent key) see his interview on DX-Coffee here


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E51DOM/MM will be active while underway to Bouvet Island...

Bouvetøya Island or Bouvet Island Expedition?
3YOI DXpedition or 3Y0I ... or 3YØI ?

73 de WB9LUR / Randy


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Other links where you may find important info regarding this DX activation: DX-World  |  The Daily DX  | DX Forum  | DX Forum   |  The Reverse Beacon Network  |  ClubLog  |  Announced DX Activations

3YOI DXpedition or 3Y0I ... or 3YØI ???

3Y0I DXpedition to Bouvetøya Island - 3Y0I DXpedition to Bouvet Island