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ACTIVE DXpeditions "On-The-Air" 2018

CallingDX.com is back with the "Dxpedition Dashboards" plus photos, chatter and online updates for the 2018 DX season!

What's a DXpedition Dashboard? Here's the 3Y0Z Bouvet Island dashboard that just went live:


And here's a sample of a previous "Weekly Update":


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6O6O - Somalia - Jan 3-16, 2018

3Y0Z - Bouvet - Jan / Feb, 2018

3D2EU - Rotuma - Feb 23 - March 16, 2018

XX9B - Macao - March 9-17, 2018

KH1/KH7Z - Baker Island - June/July, 2018

CY9C - St. Paul Island - August 1-9, 2018

VP6D - Ducie - Oct/Nov, 2018

>>> The 2018 Announced DXpeditions - Printable Calendar Page Is Available Here! <<<
We have every link you'll need to work the major DXpeditions better, faster and funner!

At CallingDX.com you'll find links to the current DXpedition's own website, as well as links to their QRZ, Facebook and Twitter pages plus links to cluster spots, QSL info, online logs, pilot info, live "realtime" chat forums as well as urgent updates while the DXpedition is still active and "on-the-air."

You'll also get news directly from the DXpedition teams, photos, Youtube videos and much more ...

If it helps you get the DX and it's on the web - there's a link to it here!

Here's a brief YouTube video of E30FB asking for "NA" only...


* photo at top of page courtesy of N7OU see his interview on DX-Coffee here!


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Announced DXpeditions to be covered in 2018 include : 6O6O Somalia - 3Y0Z Bouvet - 3D2EU Rotuma - Benin - XX9B Macao - 7Q7EI Malawai - KH1/KH7Z Baker Island - CY9C St. Paul Island - VP6D Ducie others may be added as they are announced!

Other links where you may find important info regarding current and future DX activations: DX-World  |  The Daily DX  |  QRZ.com DX Forum  |  E-Ham.net DX Forum   |  The Reverse Beacon Network  |  ClubLog  |  Announced DX Activations



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